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Bypass the Gym, But Still Get Fit

Le 7 December 2017, 16:35 dans Humeurs 0

The gym isn’t for everyone, it’s not an excuse but a fact of life. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for those gym-phobic few to exercise and get fit without the expensive gym membership that goes along with it.


From walking to more recreational activities, the more you do in life the fitter you will become. Without ever putting a toe inside a gym door!


Travel by Foot


Walking is the best way to get fit without ever stepping a foot in the gym. If you spend most of the day sitting at a desk - as many of the modern workforces does - then a simple walking routine can actually do you wonders. Even walking during your lunch can be the difference between fit and not!


However, for the best benefits, you should go on walks around your town or even on hikes to somewhere more scenic. The better your scenery, the less like exercise walking will feel!


For comfort, be sure to choose loose but fitting clothes such as mens track pants. Never go for long walks or hikes in denim, as it can rub and be extremely uncomfortable over long periods of time. Breathable tops are also essential to ensure that sweat does not build up in your clothes as you are on the go. Without the right clothing walking for long distances can be extremely uncomfortable.


If you live life at a faster pace then feel free to run rather than walk. Just ensure you have a comfortable, shock-absorbent, pair of trainers to keep you running for longer.


Cleaning to Fitness


A way to get annoying chores out of the way alongside achieving your perfect fitness? Sounds like an infomercial hoax, but is actually achievable. Focussing on intensive cleaning activities such as hoovering, ironing and dusting for the best results.


The act of cleaning alone is not meant to make you fit, obviously. But additional lunges as you clean can be the difference between fit and not. Dancing around as you go from room to room can also help burn calories. While ironing - with back straight and good posture - can burn as much as 150 calories per hour.


Simply adding a few extra steps to your cleaning routine can help burn more calories per day, so take the time to dance as you clean!


Group Sports


Whether playing a spot of tennis with a friend or out and out joining a local sports team, doing an activity with other people is a great way to inject some fun into exercising. You won’t need to motivate yourself to go to the gym which is generally a lonely activity. Instead, you can enjoy the company of friends and get fit at the same time.


For the less sporty, there are plenty of opportunities for running clubs and the like in many areas. It’s just a case of deciding which you would like best and finding it in your area.


Buy a Bike  


Do you want to forgo the bus commute or the long car rides for a healthier option? But work is too far away to walk? Buying a bike can be the perfect solution, as it gives you a mode of transport that is both healthy for you and gets you to your destination in an efficient time. It can be great for toning your leg muscles and to help keep your heart healthy.


Not only can this be healthy for you, but it can also help you to cut down on transport costs! A one-off payment for a bike versus a daily cost of transport is much more cost effective after all.



What’s better than being fit? Being fit because you created a beautiful garden space for you to enjoy a healthy barbecue - remember, fitness is half activity and half what you eat! Surprisingly, the heavy lifting and general movement involved in gardening can actually be very rewarding for your muscles.

A green thumb is not necessary for this endeavour, as there are plenty of plants that are easy to grow for the novice. Start with herbs such as mint and basil, or plants such as sunflowers and even an apple tree. Soon not only will you be fitter, but you will also have a garden wonderland to enjoy!


And there you have it! The best ways to bypass the gym, but still get fit. Whether you’re a walker, a homebody or enjoy a touch of nature in your life there are plenty of ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine. Work at it on a daily basis and fitness is an achievable goal for everyone.

What to do When You Don’t Like Your Kids Friends

Le 8 November 2017, 15:08 dans Humeurs 0


We’ve all been guilty of this. And if you haven’t found yourself disliking your child’s friends yet then don’t worry, you will get there. It can be one child, one time and never again. But the likelihood of it happening is high.


So, what exactly do you do when you dislike a friend of your child’s? There’s no exact formula, but there are some things that you can try.


Never Say it Out Loud


Scratch that, never even think it in the presence of your child. It is the golden rule of dislike when it comes to your children’s friends. Why? For some reason, your child, whether four or fourteen, will inevitably find that friend far more fascinating with your dislike attached. Meaning airing your views simply makes your situation worse than it has to be.


Be neutral, don’t let one muscle of your face morph into dislike when they’re around. As soon as you do, it will become a thing with your kid. And if there’s anything I hate more, it’s things.


And They All Lived Happily Ever After


Ask yourself seriously: do you see this kid in your child’s life from this day until their last? Probably not. Childhood friendships fizzle out, they go to different schools and even teenagers stop rebelling at some point. Chances are your problem will solve itself.


Or young Timmy will grow up into a respectable young man. It’s okay to be an optimist.


Try Harder


Have you ever thought that the problem isn’t them, it’s you? Perhaps a dislike of their parents, upbringing or random behaviour on one occasion has coloured your view of them unfairly. Or perhaps you are not aware of a situation that has meant this is a foster a child. Sometimes getting to know the child and moving past your dislike is the mature thing to do - remember you’re an adult and they’re a child!


Don’t be afraid to invite them over for dinner and engage with them. You may find that the kid isn’t so bad with a face full of spaghetti at your table.


Limit Contact


You can’t out and out ban your child from playing with the troublemaker. But, you can limit their contact so far that it is in your power. Put a stop to frequent playdates, try and have a quiet word with a teacher to put them in separate areas of the classroom or, in extreme cases, have them change class/school altogether (of course this is only in truly extreme cases).




Sometimes you don’t like your child’s friends because you see examples of bullying behaviour. This is a sensitive area, especially if your child sees them as a friend or is trying to be friends with them. Approaching school officials regarding this issue is typically the best course of action.


Remember, parents can be defensive when it comes to their children - as you yourself no doubt are - so accusing their children of being bullies to their face is a bad idea. You should never try and confront parents in these situations, it could lead to escalation.


If It’s Serious


Sometimes we worry for a very good reason and your dislike of a child may be grounded in sensible waters. Continuous bad, dangerous behaviour and spewing profanities can have a bad influence on your own child. Wanting to keep them away from such influences is a natural feeling to have.

Parents intuition is also a thing; if you can’t quite pinpoint why you dislike the child then pay closer attention. There may be underlying issues which you can sense but aren’t as obvious. In this case, try and help encourage your child’s other friendships subtly and make more effort with their parents. Sometimes your caution is warranted and should be followed.



So, there you have it; the best things to do when your inside voice just doesn’t trust little Timmy. A parent's intuition is a mysterious creature, sometimes you can fight it and other times it is best to let it run rampant in full protection mode. Just be sure before you let overprotective mama bear off the leash!


Disclaimer: apologies if your son is a called Timmy and is a lovely little boy, I have nothing against the Timmy’s of the world. It was just the first name that came to mind!

Bio: Zack Halliwell is a freelance writer in the parenting niche; dedicated to giving actionable advice to parents on anything from how to become a foster carer to mental health warnings in their children.